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Privacy Policy

Our business is built on trust between our customers and ourselves. Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Limited ("HKMEx") is committed to protecting your privacy. We seek to comply with the requirements of Hong Kong's Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Ordinance") and the associated Data Protection Principles, which you can find at This online privacy policy is made by HKMEx in accordance with the Ordinance and is intended to notify you why personal data is collected, describe the ways in which we collect information from you when you use this website, how the collected data will be used and to whom any requests to access data are to be addressed. Please read the policy to learn how your information will be treated. This policy may be changed from time to time so please check it regularly. You can access our website home page,, without disclosing your personal data.

1. Why we collect your data

We (and third parties working on behalf of HKMEx) collect your personal information to carry out and administer our services to you and in an effort to improve your customer experience. Without such data HKMEx may be unable to open or continue exchange membership accounts or establish or continue exchange trading facilities or provide exchange trading services. Data is also collected from you in the ordinary course of business to continue the exchange trading relationship.

2. How we collect your data

We may collect data from you in a number of ways:

  1. By use of cookies. Cookies are small packets of information that are often created when you visit a website and which are stored in the cookies directory of your computer. We may use cookies to record details such as a user identity on your computer. This helps us to recognize you on subsequent visits so that you don't have to re-enter your registration details each time you visit us. You are not obliged to accept a cookie that we send to you. Depending on the type of browser you use, you may be able to configure your browser to reject all cookies or give you the opportunity to accept or reject cookies on an individual basis.
  2. During the course of your use of this website, including all data you may send to this website or to an e-mail address given on this website.
  3. When we request further information from you following any contact you have made with us through this website.


3. How we use your data

 We use the data we collect from you:

  1. to provide you with information or services you have requested and for internal customer administration;
  2. to analyse visitors to the site and general usage patterns, and compile user statistics and for assisting with business development and marketing of services and products by HKMEx;
  3. if you have already consented to receive marketing materials from us, to send you marketing or other materials relating to HKMEx and any other information which HKMEx believes may be of interest to you in electronic or paper form. (If you are not registered to receive marketing information from us and you wish to do so, please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may withdraw your consent to the receipt of marketing materials at any time and free of charge by sending an email to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it);
  4. to facilitate the daily operation of HKMEx services;
  5. to create and maintain HKMEx's risk-related models;
  6. to design exchange services or related products for customers' use;
  7. to market services or products of HKMEx;
  8. to meet the disclosure requirements of any law binding on HKMEx;
  9. to fulfill any other purposes relating thereto.


4. Disclosure of your personal information

Personal information held by HKMEx relating to you will be kept confidential but HKMEx may provide such information to the following parties (whether within or outside Hong Kong for the purposes set out above:

  1. any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment or securities clearing or other services to HKMEx in connection with the operation of its business;
  2. any other person under a duty of confidentiality to HKMEx including members of staff who have undertaken to keep such information confidential;
  3. credit reference agencies, and, in the event of default, to debt collection agencies;
  4. any person to whom HKMEx is under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on HKMEx or under and for the purposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which HKMEx is expected to comply; and
  5. any actual or proposed assignee of HKMEx or participant or sub-participant or transferee of HKMEx's rights in respect of you.

In connection with 4iii. above, in the event of any default in payment where the amount in default is not fully repaid before the expiry of 60 days as measured by HKMEx from the date such default occurred, you are liable to have your account data retained by the credit reference agency at least until the expiry of 5 years from the date of final settlement of the amount in default before the right referred to in 8v. below may be exercised.

We do not automatically log personal data nor do we link information automatically logged by other means with personal data about specific individuals.

If we wish to use your personal data for a new purpose, we shall seek your consent to such use through the point on the website where your personal data is collected.

5. Confidentiality and security

We give you the option of using a secure transmission method to send us the following types of personal data:

  1. primary personal data such as name and contact details; and
  2. identifiers such as credit card details or website password.

We have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from:

  1. unauthorized access;
  2. improper use or disclosure;
  3. unauthorized modification; and
  4. unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

All or employees and data processors who have access to and are associated with the processing of personal data are obliged to respect the confidentiality of our visitors' personal data.

We ensure that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties unless you have provided your consent or unless required by law or other regulation.

6. Links to other websites

This site contains links to Web sites of third parties. Please note that when you click on one of these links, you will be accessing a website that HKMEx does not control and which may be governed by privacy policies and practices that differ from ours. HKMEx is not, and will not be, responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third parties or the content or security of any third party websites.

7. Consent

By continuing to use this website and by providing any personal data to us via this website or email addresses provided on this website, you agree that you understand this privacy policy, and consent to our use of your personal data for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. Please do not send us any personal data if you do not want that information to be used by us in any manner.

8. Data access requests

Under the terms of the Ordinance and the Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data issued under the Ordinance, you have the right:

  1. to check whether HKMEx holds data about you and of access to such data;
  2. to require HKMEx to correct any data relating to you which is inaccurate;
  3. to ascertain HKMEx's policies and practices in relation to data and to be informed of the kind of personal data held by HKMEx;
  4. in relation to consumer credit, to request to be informed which items of data are routinely disclosed to credit reference agencies or debt collection agencies, and be provided with further information to enable the making of an access and correction request to the relevant credit reference agency or debt collection agency; and
  5. upon satisfactory termination of the credit by full repayment and on condition that there has been, within the 5 years immediately before such termination, no material default under the credit as determined by HKMEx, to instruct HKMEx to make a request to the relevant credit reference agency to delete from its database any account data relating to the terminated credit.

HKMEx will charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any request to access personal data held by HKMEx.
Nothing in this Statement shall limit your rights under the Ordinance.

Requests for access to data or correction of data or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of data held should be addressed to:

Data Protection

Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Limited
608, Core C, Cyberport 3
100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong
Facsimile: +852 3752 2622

Note: In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall apply and prevail.

IMPORTANT: By accessing this web site and any of its pages you are agreeing to the terms set out above. Thank you for choosing Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange.

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Last update: 06 Dec 2012 16:55

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
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